In a Nutshell

I am a freelance Designer in San Francisco specializing in website development for small businesses. I am an innovative and creative individual with a real passion for design. I believe that good designs come from a creative process, and that great designs come with a solution.

I am a multidisciplined artist experienced with design concepts for three-dimensional art, websites, print preparation and production. Additionally, I am strong at problem solving, organizing, and communicating. Consider me versatile and detail oriented. I’m a team player with ability to take direction, and have the initiative to work independently. I have experience managing projects, multiple tasks, and meeting deadlines. I am undaunted by complex and challenging tasks. And mostly, I have a great sense of humor.

My Philosophy

I feel design is an expedition, a voyage with the specific purpose of re-inventing the visual representation of the selected concept that is executed with careful observation and research. Design consists of a well-navigated layout with a strong color scheme that is both graphic and high in contrast.

Great designs reach past the obvious and connect to people on an emotional level. They come from the collaboration of clients, strategists and creatives alike.

I strive to understand your overall goals, how I can work to achieve those goals and deliver a solution that exceeds expectations.

My Approach to Design

Discovery & Focus


Understanding client goals and the needs of their users.
Sitemapping and determining key content and user tasks.

Brainstorming & Sketching


Prioritizing content and user actions. Visualizing layouts with paper sketches,
followed by digital black and white wireframing of site layout.

Design & Production


Design exploration of typography, colors, & imagery to produce final design.
Web production with W3C standards. Programming and integration.



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